About Monika

I am a Polish born photographer who spent a large part of my adult life in Brooklyn and in Seattle.  Growing up in communist Poland I was always inspired by Polish rural and pastoral landscapes.  When I moved to the US  I discovered the vast landscapes of the west where I was able to travel extensively.  I am intrigued and fascinated by the difference between the intimate landscapes of Eastern Europe and the relatively untouched beauty of the west.

I have recently relocated to the Hudson Valley where I rediscovered the pastoral beauty of more familiar landscapes my work continues to emphasize light, natural detail and more romantic aspects of the scenery.    I am also fascinated by portraiture and currently working on a project capturing Hudson Valley life.

I work mainly with medium format film photography (Mamiya 7ii) and often capture moody landscapes on black and white film in search of a more timeless feel.
Contact me at monika dot clarke at gmail for more information.
Photo: Alexis Stember



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